Monday, June 03, 2013

Dressed to Dance

4x5 Daguerreotype
Iodine: 70 seconds
Bromine: 30 seconds
Second Iodine: 20 seconds
Exposure: Studio Strobe 9600w/s @ f2.9 with 22" reflector
Lens: 8" f2.9 Dallmeyer Pentac
Development: 4:30 @ 70˚C

I have made a dozen images, a few good, some terrible, and most mediocre since December 2012, but have been too lazy to scan. I have learned quite a bit about iodine/bromine balance, mostly from doing dozens of ring-arounds. In this process I also learned that short second iodine times contribute the blue or green color casts which occasionally haunt me.